Our Practice

Dr. Feibleman is a highly respected physician in the medical field of dermatology. He has served as a reviewer of other physicians’ research material submitted for publication in U.S. Dermatology journals. He has also written several book chapters for inclusion in medical texts. Because of Dr. Feibleman’s reputation as both a physician and respected individual by Los Angeles County doctors, in 1993 he was elected President of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Dermatological Society, and taught a number of years at UCLA as Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology. Throughout the industry, he is repeatedly referred to as “the doctor’s doctor”.

Meet the Office Staff

Dr. Feibleman is committed to providing the most expedient and effective treatment for his patients’ skin problems (regardless of their nature). His two office locations, one in Long Beach, CA and the other in San Pedro, CA, have the latest state-of-the-art dermatology equipment and are staffed with trained personnel to assist with treatment procedures.

Dr. Feibleman maintains a friendly, professional and dedicated office staff to assist in the treatment and care of his many patients. He knows the reputation of a successful practice depends heavily on the manner in which patients (both existing and new) are greeted upon arrival and made to feel welcomed during their office visit. The staff are particularly proud of their tenure with Dr. Feibleman’s practice, and most often know patients by name, and frequently the patients’ children and relatives’ names as well. Several staff members have been with the doctor more than twenty years and are committed to making sure every patient is well cared for at both locations.